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Squirrels!!!!!!!!!!! Eating bulbs and bird seed!!!!

KENT, United Kingdom Gb

have planted quite a few pots with TULIPS find them so arty in design and colour but the squirrels keep digging them out!!!! any ideas and also how I can keep squirrels from eating all the bird seed I put in Hangers!!!!!



Suggest you get a gun!!! Cover the pots with some wire until plants show through.

27 Sep, 2008


Steve Brookes 'The Greatest Gardening Tips In The World' 2005, advises grating soap onto the compost to deter squirrels. His demonstration shows it very finely grated. Apparently, there's an oil in it that squirrels hate. I've not tried it yet.

27 Sep, 2008


Haven't heard that tip before but it sounds feasible, I shall give it a try too. Thanks, Mbd. Washing up liquid makes me sneeze, I hope this has the same effect on them, I would love to watch sneezing squirrels :-D

27 Sep, 2008


I attach my feeders using elastic and when the squirrels go to touch the feeder it moves away and frightens them. The only down side is that the elastic has to be replaced quite often as it loses its elasticity. Also black is less obtrusive than white.

27 Sep, 2008


I once bought a Squirrel proof plastic net and saw the Squirrel had got it to the ground and chewed his way into it.. You can get them though and unchewable. but I wonder if Woodpeckers are also deterred?

27 Sep, 2008


I bought a pole - bit like a tall shepherd's crook - placed it where squirrels couldn't jump on to it from a tree or table and then greased the pole. Watching the squirrels attempt to climb the pole but keeping sliding down and then fuss about cleaning their paws and fur is quite funny.

28 Sep, 2008


try covering your bulbs with a fine chicken wire buried just below the surface. Guns are great for tree rats and ive heard it said that you can buy a pepper powder which they dont get on with. I would prefer Gas mark 4 or 180C in an onion gravy-should alleviate the problem.

30 Sep, 2008

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