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I have a young Wisteria sinensis to plant ,any suggestions ?



Prepare the planting hole well with lots of compost or similar. The plant will be in the space for a long time so it's worth spending time on this part of the job. Keep it well watered for thwhole spring and summer while it gets it's roots down. Train in any long shoots that are produced. Start by tying them in horizontally to the lowest part of the support as this will encourage flower buds. Remember to prune it correctly as this is the secret to good flowering.

20 Mar, 2011


And I'll add something to Volunteer's answer - make sure where you're planting it gets a fair bit of sun, not a shady area, and that you have enough space for it to spread either side up to at least 15 feet, with enough height as well. As for training, let it get as tall as you want, then cut out the main stem/s at that height, you may decide you want two main stems coming up from the ground. Remove all lower side shoots/growth down that main stem, train in the upper ones. Learn to prune it properly - needs reducing in August, and then again in midwinter, by mid February.

21 Mar, 2011

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