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jasmine shrub


By Jools

United Kingdom Gb

i would like to grow a scented jasmine outside against a south facing wall but in a container please can you tell me which one i should choose



I've got Jasminum officinalis and x stephanense and I can't imagine either being happy in a container long term - they're very strong growers, particularly officinalis. Jasminum beesianum might be a good choice as it's not supposed to get so big, but perhaps someone else has personal experience of the plant and can confirm that. Flowers are pinky-red and are supposed to be scented.

26 Sep, 2008


I think officinalis would be best choice because it is so strong a container might well be a good idea, sometimes growing hard makes for better flowering.

26 Sep, 2008


This is a question, does jasmin, picked and kept in a room, keep mosquitos at bay. I've heard it does. Anybody know better?

28 Sep, 2008

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