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Can I grow a climbing rose in a pot?

co.antrim, United Kingdom Gb

I bought a golden rain climbing rose today,but have now realised i have no idea what to do with it! Can i grow a climbing rose in a very large pot? i don't have anywhere to plant it you see as I have a tiny backyard. As the rose needs full sun I was thinking I'd put it at the front of the house.would love to have it arching over the front door! My question is, how hard is it to grow a climbing rose and can it be done in a pot? It was only £2 so had to get it!
I've added a pic of the plant,which has bare roots.




Climbing roses are best grown in the grpund, but a while back someone asked a similar question, and although we answered that preferably it should be in the ground up against a wall and trellis, a suggestion of a very large pot with trellis pushed in to the pot up against one of the sides. You could try this method.

I am sure that some others are gong to come along and tell you to completely forget what I told you, and stick it in the ground.

I will say that, being in a pot may limit it to some aspects. Just thought I would cover myself, in case anything went wrong, as you would be going against the best growing conditions.

The fact that you would like to arch it over your front door, you may be better getting another, and try to get them to meet in the middle (one pot on each side of the door).

What measurements are on the box, and what measurements would it need to cover (over the door).

Good luck!

18 Mar, 2011


Thanks,I shall give it a go.

18 Mar, 2011


It was only £2..cheaper than a bunch of Daffs! Plant it in as big a pot as you can manage and enjoy it for a couple of years! Meanwhile, think of a friend to donate it to when it starts to ail! Keep it well watered even in wet weather and feed it well too otherwise it may get a bad attack of aphids etc.

18 Mar, 2011


A white climbing rose I bought for £1 from poundland is doing very well. I bought it last year, and it is doing very well. sometimes you can geta good quality bargain.

18 Mar, 2011


By the numbers:
Average the height and width you want to cover, and divide by three, to get the minimum pot size that will work long term with that coverage.
I.e., 2 m tall x 3 m wide, averages to 2.5 m, and means a pot about 82 cm wide and tall is needed.
This formula works with most vines, climbers, and espaliers.

19 Mar, 2011


That's good to know Tugbrethil.

19 Mar, 2011


Thanks for the helpful advise. I shall certainly give it a go. What sort of soil should i plant it in? and also what do you feed a rose,will miracle grow do?
As you may have guessed i am a total amature and have just started to buy plants recently since i got my backyard sorted out.

19 Mar, 2011


Miracle-Gro should do, but you can buy proper rose feed from garden centres (liquid and pellets both avaliable). Also, before planting some bonemeal would be good in the compost. Normal compost should be fine. My roses have been doing fine in normal multi-purpose compost with Miracle-Gro liquid feed.

20 Mar, 2011

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