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Please help identify this plant


By Eveline

Ohio, United States Us

This plant is growing in my parents front yard in Asheville, NC. No idea where it came from and no idea what it is. Can someone please help identify what it is. The plant has one or two spiny red round fruits on it. The one leaf is kind of reddish too.




Ricinus communis, Castor Bean Plant. It is highly poisonous to children and animals I beleive, so be careful

23 Sep, 2008


Yes, it is Ricinus communis, often grown as an ornamental. The seed coat contains the poison ricin, which is also present in lower concentrations in the rest of the plant.
Raw castor beans are very toxic. The ingestion of as few as three beans may be fatal to a child, although very few cases of actual poisoning by the ingestion of raw castor beans have occurred.

23 Sep, 2008


thanks sip8987,i had one of theas in my garden ,now its in the bin ihave young grandkids who love playing in my garden ,i'dhate to poison them.

23 Sep, 2008


I'm trying to grow one myself. However, it seems to only be able to handle 5 leaves at a time. - Not sure if it's the heat or what - but once a new leaf starts growing, the bottommost leaf dies! Who knows!?

23 Sep, 2008


If you have children in your garden I would advise you to pull the plant up and dispose of it. The seeds are poisonous. and the sap will cause skin eruptions if it enters through a cut or abrasion... with chidren or pets it's just not worth the risk!!

7 Oct, 2008

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