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hi there leek problems all of my leeks i have grown have all been lost due to disease ,the best way of explaining is that the plants look fine above ground but when you lift them they look like they have burst open from inside they also contain like a brown bug of some discription every leek affected any thoughts or cures as i love own grown leeks..i live in the west midlands and look forward to your opinion ..many thanks ..martin quigley

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Leeks are mostly trouble free so this is puzzling. Also any bug (leek moth comes to mind) causing that much damage would affect the leaves in some way so the plants would not look fine as they apparently do. That bug just makes holes in a mild attack so the "burst open" description you give would then not apply.
I am intrigued and can't wait to hear from other GOYers.

4 Mar, 2011


think this might be allium leaf miner,first generation adults emerge inlate march/april lay eggs at the base or in the stalks,white cream larva hatch and feed,before pupation. the pupae are 3-4mm orange or brown in colour,they sometimes make brown tunnels in the stems or you might find the grubs.second generation adults emerge in oct/nov lay there eggs and it starts all over again.the pupae from these are sometimes left in the soil over winter for the next crop.
having said that, i could be wrong,you may of course have two different things going on here.

5 Mar, 2011

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