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looking after a pond and newts

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I have taken on 2 allotments. 1 has a pond. Old and smelly! There are newts there but much rotten vegitation. It has been hand made years ago and then left. I want it to look and smell nice but do not want to disturb the newts and wildlife. What can I do to make it smell and look nice? Barbara



I'm not sure if there is any quick remedie for your pond, I'd imagine it is just over grown, which means you got to get in there and just thin it out, unfortunatly the newts will be disturbed.

When you clean it out, get some oxygenating water plants in there and if it's possible a pumping system would really help keep the water fresh.

Because it's a pond though it will never be naturally balanced and will require maintenance from time to time to keep it fresh and clean.

21 Sep, 2008


I have a wildlife pond at the bottom of my garden that gets a lot of leaves in it. I get a net and scoop these out, making sure that I leave it on the side so that any creatures can make there own way back into the pond. During the autumn I put a net over the top to stop this happening.

Like Scd says, lots of oxygenating plants will help, once it is all cleared of muck. A large bucket or two, to take out any wildlife you find and any decent plants that are in there. They may need repotting if it is really over grown.
I would then empty two thirds of the water and replace it. leave a few days before adding the wild life back as it will sort itself out with nutreint balence etc.

2 Allotments you are lucky. I've just applied for one and I am waiting for a responce.

21 Sep, 2008

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