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How to take care a Golden Barrel Cactus


By Nismo

Ontario, Canada Ca

hi! i just got a Golden Barrel Cactus recently and i'm really new to planting thing, it most of my mother's job anyways, since i'm still in high school, but i do like taking care of plants. anyways, My question is, how do you take care of this kind of cactus, water, plant food, sun light, etc. please help! thanks! by the way, it is in door, and i did repot it.

this is my first time taking care of a cactus... try not to laugh too hard of my questions....hahaha

On plant Echincactus Grusonii




Hi we too have a Barrel cactus.
First of all when you re potted it did you put it in a mix with either grit or sharp sand?
This is because you are trying to mimic it's natural home.
If you have great, if not re pot it again mixing in a handfull or two of grit or sand. This helps drainaige as the cactus does not like a soggy bottom.
Watering should be carried out during the summer, letting the soil dry out in between waterings. Dont water from October onwards as they need to rest.
It needs to stay dry during the winter so keep it indoors.
Also needs to be kept warm as the cold can cause brown markings.
Window in full sun is ideal. The temerature should ideally be around 45-86f.

Good luck

21 Sep, 2008

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