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Bowling Green Problem?

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Can torrential rain which is causing a large puddle be brushed off the green, as it submerges the green for days?



I'm going to give you an answer you probably don't want to hear, well firstly I have know idea if you could brush water off your lawn successfully or not, however read your own words in your question again, read them slowly and really look at what you're saying.

Now have you read it?

Sounds a bit rediculous doesn't it!!!

I understand the rain is torrential, but if it's staying there for days, you very obviously have a drainage problem, this I'm afraid would be a much bigger job to correct then just brushing the water off.

You need to implement a drainage system for your bowling green. This may not be the remedie you had in mind but the puddle on your green isn't actually your problem, your problem is the conditions in which the green is set.

How this helped.

20 Sep, 2008


Hi brewster, you definatley have a drainage problem because we have also had torrential rain and my lawn drains away just fine, you could try the fork method but i suppose that would make a mess of your green! is it council owned? if so get onto them to help, I cant think of anything else except to cover it, sorry...Dee..

20 Sep, 2008

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