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Pampas Grass

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I have a large overgrown pampas grass plant which I hope to get rid of ! Any advice as how to do this ?



hi when my mother had two of them u can dig around it and get the roots. or you can cut it back then burn it. hope that helped you.

17 Sep, 2008


I guess it will be a big job if they are huge. Hope it works out. Welcome to GOY.

17 Sep, 2008


I'm good at the demolition stuff! Not so good at beautifying.... lol
I got rid of ours with several trimming back leaves sessions, necessary so as not to get cut to shreds by their razor sharp edges. Then hacked into plant anyway I could - great for getting rid of frustration - followed by burning, as suggested above by Djawsome. You can actually kindle a fire right in the middle of the plant, if the weather's been dry for a few days. Brilliant fun, but remember to supervise the fire carefully, especially if there is any danger of other plants close by, or anything else, burning.
Enjoy it!

17 Sep, 2008

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