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Cactus/plant Identification help!


By Trudge

United Kingdom Gb

I was given this lovely arrangement as a present - but I have no idea what each plant is - and therefore the best way to look after it! Any help would be greatly appreciated.




The Cacti are probably a species of MAMMILARIA . A small JADE PLANT is in front. behind it a CEREUS, with grafted Red top. I don't know the name.
,At the back a possible member of the Mesembryanthemum family, there are many different, without a flower, hard to identify.
They will do well on your Widowilll. Only water when soil is dried out and very seldom in Winter. Start a little feeding in March and a bit more water.

17 Sep, 2008


Wow - thankyou so much for the quick reply - I have now placed them on the windowsill. Thankyou again :-)

17 Sep, 2008

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