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By Mickbmw

nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

must say its a brilliant site for imformation etc you can pick up loads of tips from all over the world



You are so right! And make friends too as well as having a laugh or three... :-)

16 Sep, 2008


Glad you're enjoying it! Welcome to GoY . . .

16 Sep, 2008


yeah I'd agree it's a great site, but always remember these are just people's opinions and are not factual anwsers set in stone, so listen to advice carefully and act on it wisely, sometimes people think their opinions are truly the only answer.

Everyone knows the best answers are the ones you figure out for yourself, they're also the answers that stick with us and mean the most.

16 Sep, 2008


I have to take you up on that comment, Scdcreations. I try to answer people's questions if and when I can, as other members do too. I use reference books frequently, so my answers are based on a) my own experiences b) good sources. I certainly don't know everything, and I'm always learning. I also ask questions on the site, when something happens in my garden, so that I get other gardeners' opinions and experiences. I can't figure the answers out for myself, that's why I post a question! I haven't found anyone on this site who thinks that they have the only answer (Unless it's an ID of a plant). There are often several ways of tackling a problem, as I'm sure you'll agree from your own experiences. People asking a question deserve an answer or two - we all try to help each other on GOY and long may this continue!

17 Sep, 2008


yeah that's a great point, and it's a great thing that we can trust each others opinions on this site, but opinions, everyone has them and just like if everyone had gold it wouldn't be very valuble. Which is why I suggest using wisdom when applying the methodolgy in the answers, this is not to put people off the site, but to encourage people to use the site in a way that will benifit them more.

17 Sep, 2008


Hear, hear Spritzhenry, I base my answers on 60 years of experience, using methods that have been tried and tested hundreds of times and worked.
Having said that I am not naive enough to think that my methods are the only right ones, I have lived and worked all my life in the South, so they may not be right for people living in other parts of the country or abroad.
I thoroughly enjoy this site, also seeing other peoples answers, there are some very knowledgeable people out there.

18 Sep, 2008


Yeah that's true, there's a lot of real garden enthusiasts on this site, no one is calling anyone naive here, these are your own words that you choose to use, how you interperate my words is entirely up to you, I've agreed with everything you and Spritzhenry have said.

Having said that you cannot ignore the fact that alot of opinions on this site have to be sifted through. Expereince is great however does that mean it is a great basis to base answers on.

How about an analogy to explain what I mean, What if a man has thought children for forty years and he gets results by shouting at the children, dose that mean because he has 40 years experience he know's what he's talking about. Because he has so much experience are we to assume he know's what he is doing and therefore shouting at the children is the most sceintific and efficient way of getting the desired results.

Hasn't history proven to us that great people have dedicated their lives to a particular way only to realise one day that they were wrong. Wasn't the world flat at one stage, wasn't Pluto a planet, was it or was it not impossible to run a 4 minute mile. People have spent their lives living by these statements and values, but it doesn't mean they were right.

18 Sep, 2008

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