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By Johnf

kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have a photinia which is very close to the house it is about 9ft tall, I do not want to cut it down but am worried whether it will interfere with the foundations.What should I do.



Hi Johnf - This must be a lovely specimen, mine are only about 6ft so I'm jealous! As far as I understand, Photinia roots are nowhere near as invasive as other 'trees' roots and will turn aside around obstacles rather than trying to go through. It really depends on how close 'close' is and how solid the foundations are. If you are concerned, a few quid spent on an expert having a look would be worth it in terms of 'just in case'. There's an interesting Photinia Q&A on BBC Radio Lancashire's website which answers *loads* of questions -
Hope this helps ...

16 Sep, 2008


Peteg - sorry to butt in - I have a Photinia tree, not a Red Robin shrub - it's called P.'Redstart' and it is about 12 ' tall. So I agree with your comment about asking an expert 'just in case'. John may have a tree, rather than a shrub, which would obviously make a difference! Interesting about the roots. Thanks for that!

17 Sep, 2008


Hi Both! I'd like to keep this one going, if I may, 'cos it's interesting! Spritz, I thought all Photinias were actually shrubs but that you could get Standard forms (for example, I have 2 bush and 1 standard Red Robin). I've Googled Redstart and it is described in several places as a 'shrub or small tree' which I take to mean the same thing. I'm not *quite* daft enough to believe everything I find on Google but I thought I was pretty sure about this - now I'm not so sure any more!! Would be interested to sort this out - comments from either of you welcomed. (And sorry to hijack your question, Johnf!)

20 Sep, 2008


Mine most certainly couldn't be described as a shrub! Look at the two photos at the bottom of this page.... I know they don't quite show the scale of it, but they give you the general idea, I think. I grow all kinds of little shade-loving plants under it, like Convallaria and Anemones. There's Clematis montana growing through it, too. I had a P.fraseri 'Red Robin' but it was getting past saving, so I dug it out earlier this year. Completely different! Definitely a shrub! It was very easy to remove. Redstart wouldn't be!

Yes, sorry, John about the discussion!

20 Sep, 2008


Thanks, Spritz - another learning experience! John, I guess all this answers your question pretty well .. ?? Best of luck ...

21 Sep, 2008

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