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hi.. this is my cordyline australis...could anyone tell me whether this looks mature enough to 'not fleece' it during winter or to fleece it?...and can i cut of the main flowering stem once the flowers have died? many thanks




I'm slightly confused as to why you're asking now, when winter is nearly over, lol! That looks like a very sheltered spot there, but the reality is, Cordylines aren't fully hardy, so that means that in any severe weather, they may be damaged, no matter how old or tall they are. Many people have had to cut down Cordylines which were 12 feet or more in height, and very mature, because of damage. The trunk is just as susceptible to damage in cold weather as the growing tip at the top, so that should be wrapped too during severe weather.

20 Feb, 2011


thanks...i gotta slow really!! just joined 'growsonyou' so thought id ask ....i have had it fleeced since november to be on the safe side.i guess its a shame if you have one that is tall and have to cover it up during winter! many thanks for your reply ta

20 Feb, 2011

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