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hi guys, i am starting a small three year crop rotation this year in raised beds. the beds are 8ft by 4ft and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how close together i can plant my veg. i want to plant potatoes,parsnips and carrots in my root bed. cabbage,swede and turnips in my brassicas bed. and onions, peas and beans in my legumes bed. any info you could give me would be great. thanks guys. scott



Rows of potatoes should be at least 2 foot apart 2.5 foot is better and the individual potatoes should be planted 15 inches apart for main crop and 12 inches apart for early potatoes.

Parsnip and carrot, your brassicas and your legume rows need to be 15 - 18 inches apart. Sow seed of roots and then thin to 1 plant every 5 - 6 inches. Cabbages you can plant out about 6 inches apart same for onion sets, peas and beans.

16 Feb, 2011

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