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Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise)


By Chrisy

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

purchased this year as a small cutting, planted in good sized pot on the patio & now brought in to the conservatory.

Plant looks healthy, but each leaf goes brown at the tip after a short time.

Can't see any bugs; any ideas please?



Browning leaftips usually indicates an atmosphere which is too dry. As I understand, Strelitzia likes to have good ventilation and not be too 'cooped-up' in a dry room. Don't overwater it, though, it likes it's roots to be watered well then left to dry out a bit in a well-drained medium, with good 'natural' warm-ish, moist-ish (but not wet), air movement around it. Hope this helps ...

14 Sep, 2008

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