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We have Palm Trees in our garden and they all are shedding their palms and starting to look quite bare. What can be done please?



I'm a big palm fan Rita, but it depends what type of palm you refer to. The Chinese fan palm can take the -18 we had last December so should not be a problem even in a North face location. My Canary palm I grew over six years was lost by February 2010, despite my heavy use of bubble wrap each winter. Last year my Cordyline survived but we have just had the mother of all Decembers' and now looks dead.
I'm assuming yours is the Canary / Phoenix type palm and I very much doubt it will have survived and wish you luck. but look for fresh green shoots in the centre whip, that will tell you one way or the other.
Meteorologically as opposed to politically our climate is expected to cool for several years yet which begs the question of is it worth buying more plants to die in our harsh forthcoming winters.
Chinese fan palms however seem a safe bet that you will have a green plant come Spring.

13 Feb, 2011


Sad to think some people actually believe propaganda that the poles are melting and thanks to corrupted data; we are getting warmer when it is clear that is not the case.
Polar Bears are doing OK BTW
At least we generally agree that growing a Cordyline in the UK over the past few colder winters has been and will continue to be a challenge for a few years yet.
Tall Cordyline's of course could be the answer to blocking out the unsightly view of useless wind turbines about to cover the land and bankrupt us.
Like the Chinese Fan palm, perhaps someone can develop a hardier version of the Cordyline?

14 Feb, 2011


Hmm, clearly a climate change doubter then, Algore... Be in no doubt, it is changing - we might argue about the cause, but I can't be bothered - just accept it is changing. I'm grateful I'm as old as I am, don't want to be here in 50 years thanks, it won't be pleasant...
Rita, I'm going to assume your palms are cordylines (please google to check they are). If the trunks aren't rotting or oozing orange gunk, just wait - they may yet shoot from the base or partway up the trunks and when they do, you can cut back to that point. You may, though, have to wait till June before you can tell.

14 Feb, 2011


I have watched our already sweltering summers get hotter over the last 30 years, and the number of years with signifigant frost diminish. Many plants that used to be landscape staples, such as Primrose Jasmine or Elberta Peaches, do poorly here, now.

16 Feb, 2011

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