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I have a 10 yr old camelia in the biggest pot I can find,it is becoming top heavy I would like to plant it,my front garden faces northwest with a little morning sun should I risk it ?



I reckon you should, if your soil is acid. Which bit of the UK do you live in? The camellia should really take off if it can get its roots into a soil that it likes. If you're on a chalky / limestone soil, better not!

8 Feb, 2011


I have a twenty eight old camellia that has a fair whack of morning sun and some sometimes the blooms facing that way do get scorched. When a shrub reaches a certain size it hardly cares. There are lots of blooms not facing that way anyway. I notice 2 are nearly out this morning and there was a frost last night.

8 Feb, 2011


I moved mine from a pot to a north facing border,and now it is quite big,and gets morning sun as well.Like Dmj says,there are a few that get scorched,but are ok lower
down.I didn't have acid soil either,so took a chance and dug a big enough hole and put lots of ericaceous compost in.It is fine and very healthy..

8 Feb, 2011


Thankyou all for replying to my question,I think I will chance it and plant with plenty of ericaceous around it.
It has moved with me four times but not moving again
so think its time it went in the ground, nearly gave the removal men a hernia last time !!!!
Many thanks
PS I live in lincolnshire near the coast

9 Feb, 2011

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