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Identify this plant "Close up"

Idaho, United States Us

Here is a close up of the leaves. Please see previous entry. Thank you




I ulnderstand what you mean about the lack of information on this plant. I have googled and googled, but found nothing. I have, however, learned a great deal about the banana-growing industry!. Will keep looking for a while, though. I wondered whether it might be a type of Tradescantia?

30 Jan, 2008


I've looked through my house plant books, but found nothing remotely like it. Sorry to let you down. Wish I could help. Glad you found us, though!

30 Jan, 2008


I found 'chain plant' in one of my gardening books
Try searching for images of callisia fragrans - the leaves look a bit similar

30 Jan, 2008


Thank you David, Spritzhenry and Andrewr. I have looked up those names you gave me and it was not the right plant. If it helps the leaves are fleshy like a succulent. I have not had any luck looking under succulents either though.

31 Jan, 2008


well you've got me on this one, i can't find it either, where did you get it from? and i would say the common name is proberly just because of the look of the leaves and no relative to the bannan plant/tree. i'll see if i can dig out my dutch ID books - have'nt needed them for a while but i will see what i can find in there.

31 Jan, 2008


nope! sorry no joy, bit of a mystry this one! if you do manage to find out would love to know what it is.

31 Jan, 2008

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