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Moving a weigela

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I have an established weigela that stands at about 5 foot tall and has been in its current position for about 3 years. Could you advise me if it is possible to move it, and the time of year when it should be moved.



It is possible, but you will have quite a task on your hands. You will find a large rootball and will need to get as much of it out as possible without damaging it. Have an old sack or large piece of damp hessian ready to put it in when you dig it up, and the new planting hole ready prepared. Do this when the shrub is dormant, in late autumn or winter. Make sure that you water it in well and water it frequently for the first few months. Give it a feed in early spring, too. Did you prune it after it flowered? If not, then a prune now to reduce the top growth would help. Good luck!

11 Sep, 2008


Spritz' advice sounds good - just to point out that the more you cut it back, the more of the rootball you can afford to lose if you have an "accident" (!) - within reasonable limits - BUT, Weigela flowers on "last year's growth" so don't expect any flowering next spring if you cut it back now. I have one about the same size as yours and I've been quite brutal with the shearing at times and it always bounces back!

14 Sep, 2008

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