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Golden Hops


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

I have a few Golden Hop climbers which are now bearing the soft cone flowers. I've read that a hop pillow is good for insomnia, would I just dry these flowers to use?



Hi Janey. Yes just spread them out somewhere warm and dry. I tried them about 10 years ago, but it never worked for me. Hope they work for you though. You have the female plant then. Mine is the male.

11 Sep, 2008


Thanks Guy, when it stops raining, I'll pick them to dry. I have many rootings of them if you would like one, your very welcome.

11 Sep, 2008


I have these in the garden - one old one was growing up a trellis and I planted a new Clematis cirrhosa while the Hop was dormant. BAD mistake! It overwhelmed the poor Clematis - and you try untangling them! I have removed the Hop - but it still keeps trying to re-grow even though I thought I'd got all the root out!

11 Sep, 2008


I know what you mean Spritz, ours was already in the garden here (of which I've since taken rootings!) and I planted a beautiful Montana Tetra rose to grow with it.
The clematis managed 2 flowers last year, non this year so I'm going to dig it out and reposition it, I can just about see the stem!!

11 Sep, 2008


Thanks for the offer Janey, but my garden is pretty small and i don't really have the room. I got my Golden Hop to brighten up a corner near to my kitchen window, and now it grows over and around it, on some trellis. Lots of insects use it for shelter and it atracts the Comma Butterfly. Tonight, 21:00 i went out with my torch and saw a Comma which had just emerged, so went rushing in for the camera...Just going to post a pic.

11 Sep, 2008

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