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Suitable climber for shaded west facing wall


By Tom550

SE LOndon, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I am loking for a good climber, with colourful, and preferably unusual flowers and evergreen, to train onto a west facing wall in SE London. Although the wall is west facing, about ten foot high, it is under the shade of a large Ash tree, and is quite cold, damp in wall, soil quite dry too



How about Lonicera tragophylla? This beautiful honeysuckle has bright yellow flowers that are very long. Quite unlike most honeysuckles. It is happy in shade or sun. It is not evergreen but I think you might be hard pushed to find an evergreen climber that will tolerate the conditions.

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9 Sep, 2008


You could forget flowers and go for a variegated ivy with pretty leaves. Then you could look for a climber with flowers but not evergreen to grow with it, even annual climbers. I've got morning glory climbing up a pine tree. They get a bit of sun and are flowering well at the moment.

10 Sep, 2008


many thnaks for responses, I like the idea of combining two plants, one evergereen like Ivy and a climber with flowers and I will look up the suggested Honeysuckle, many thanks again

10 Sep, 2008


An alternative to ivy would be a euonymus. Grown against a wall or fence, these will cling and climb. 'Silver Queen' and 'Emerald Gaiety' are very good ones

10 Sep, 2008


Your shady wall is your problem. Ash trees as you've learnt are notoriously brittle trees with branches falling all the time, they seed pretty well too!

If you can improve the sunlight situation your choices will increase such as:- Clematis amandii is a climbing plant that is evergreen - mine has been in flower, and still is, since about March. In fact I have to stop it in December just to give it a rest!
I've got evergreen honeysuckles and abelias that do much the same.

But if the tree must remain as is then eleagnus, euonymous are good. Also there are a lot of ground-hugging plants that grow equally well up walls! They usually have words like 'repans' or 'prostrata' in their names somewhere.

I've got one 'ground-hugging conifer that's grown 12 feet up a wall! 'nuff said.

11 Sep, 2008


I agree about euonymus - no flowers but lovely foliage. I had a 'Silver Queen' growing 8ft up a shady wall. There is also an evergreen climbing hydrangea that I saw in my local specialist nursery - hydrangea integrefolia, I think. May be slightly less hardy than petiolaris and likes neutral to acid soil.

11 Sep, 2008


I'd try Freckles or one of the other winter flowering honeysuckles. It may not take to the shade but you could give it a try. The winter flowering one are far more shade tolerant than the spring and summer ones and if you can get it up the wall then you've got green leaves and creamy flowers with red "freckles".

11 Sep, 2008

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