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droping echims help!!


By Parkeey

uk london, United Kingdom Gb

rite 2 out of 3 of my echims that r potted up have started droping the leaves, i checked the soil and its very dusty and had no water, which is hard to understand after all that rain, anyway ive watered them well now, Shall i plant them out, its their firsdt yr and i so wanna make it through to next, please give advice....




Yes get them outside, somewhere sheltered before colder weather sets in. They should have been outside this summer, too hot and dry inside, maybe that's why they are dropping their leaves.

9 Sep, 2008


they r outside, not indoords. just took took the pot in to take the pic as raining again! shal i plant outside or is it risky now..

9 Sep, 2008


Well i would risk it, but i don't think they like their roots disturbing. The ones i've seen up here are always left untill the following year and not transplanted. good luck though. Sorry i can't be of more help.

9 Sep, 2008


plant them as soon as possible. make sure they have very good drainage, add grit or sand to the hole before you plant. they love poor dry soil. good luck

9 Sep, 2008

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