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What is the best shrub to make a barrier from path to garden. Wants to be fast growing to be around 5 - 6ft high.



Evergreen? Prunus lusitanica (Portugal laurel) rather than the larger leafed cherry laurel, viburnum tinus, pittoporum tenuifolium, elaeagnus cultivars. Bear in mind that fast growing to around 5ft will mean it'll want to be much taller, so will require regular pruning/clipping. Scientists are still looking for the shrub that grows rapidly to 5 or 6ft and then stops! Probably be a new species, with a new name - Accelerata arrestii 'Perfection' (!) Worthy

17 Jan, 2011


Agilbert, do you mean this is a path within your own garden, or something like a section of footpath where you want to have a barrier for security and privacy?

17 Jan, 2011


A few years ago I planted a short hedge of Photinia fraseri Red Robin and it grew quickly . It is now about 6 feet tall and I keep it pruned to that height.

But go for the short stocky plants to start with and not the tall leggy ones because they will make a much more attractive dense hedge or plant in the end. Regular trimming and light pruning keeps it looking good.

18 Jan, 2011


You will need to consider the width of the shrubs as well as the eventual height required. Plant them as far away from, the edge of the path as is practical to allow for sideways spreading. Also, make sure you choose something that enjoys being pruned!! How about Yew or Copper Beech? These can be trimmed back quite close to their trunks if they get out of hand and will re-grow.

18 Jan, 2011

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