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Decking Tubs/Pots

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi All
I have just finished doing some decking and I will have enough deckboards left over to make two 4ftX18" tubs what can I use to line these with they also are going to be about 18 inch deep. They are not going to be used for anything edible.



Hi Steve, What I have done is made planters from left over wood. I would'nt make them for filling with dirt or whatever if I were you. Make them the size of a plastic container, you know, the cheap ones for £1.50-£2.00, and put the containers in the planter, so they sit inside of it. I'm putting some pictures on my page , if you want to have a look.

13 Jan, 2011


I wouldn't bother lining them. The wood is treated anyway, and they'll rot whatever. It's spare wood. You can just plant into them, but as Liitlegs says, make them smaller. His is a good idea, to put pots inside the planters. Certainly prolongs their life, and the advantage is you can change the 'inserts'. Worthy

13 Jan, 2011


Steve - I've lined mine with off cuts of carpet stapled just above any joins and curled around at the bottom. I then laid more offcut at the bottom and over the curled section. I've only done this to stop the soil washing out though.
Also, I've sectioned an area for my perennial Lobelias and Mimulus cardinalis which is lined with old compost bags with a few holes poked in to raise the moisture level for these plants.

13 Jan, 2011

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