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what are the different layers of a dicotyledonous plants please



Welcome to GOY. Simple explanation in this link.
Is this your homework? What course are you studying?

13 Jan, 2011


Exam question alert, I think!

13 Jan, 2011


If so, I recommend that you actually learn and understand the info, Dazmo, rather than just cutting and pasting. I use one aspect or other practically every day as a Master Gardener, and it will be of at least some use to anyone who has a profession related to natural science.

13 Jan, 2011


I am not really even clear about the wording of the question.

Different layers? As in what root structure/stem etc?
The link fro Scotsgran has some very good images and is nicely laid out. Is that what you mean?

13 Jan, 2011


I've only just found this question - thank heavens, Seaburngirl, that it's not clear to you either - I just thought 'what layers, what does that mean...' If its an exam question, I've failed already, lol

14 Jan, 2011


I assumed the question meant layers in the leaf structure. Glad I'm not doing any exams any more.

14 Jan, 2011


but a good question would state 'tissue' layers and then stem/root/leaf.

15 Jan, 2011

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