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I have the libertia grass, which is a great grass, by the way, and am wondering if I cut it right back to the ground, as with other grasses I have? Mine was planted last summer (having seen it at Great Dixter), so this is it's first winter. What should I do, leave it or chop it back in the early Spring, or.....what?
Many thanks.



Hello Global and welcome to GoY! Just leave the Libertia alone, it's not a grass at all, so won't take mowing. Removing the odd dead leaf (if there are any) won't hurt if you want to tidy it up, otherwise just let it get on with things and it will flower in late spring / early summer.

12 Jan, 2011


Beattie's right, Libertia is not a grass - its an evergreen perennial clump former, and needs no cutting back, unless its killed down to the ground by severe weather.

12 Jan, 2011


I bought a libertia last year, a gorgeous variegated one ixioides 'Goldfinger' unfortunately the leaves have died back with the cold, the label says its evergreen so thought it looked dead, but looking at your comment Bamboo there may be hope for it then?

13 Jan, 2011


Just to add , that the newer variegated types like 'Goldfinger are likely to suffer winter damage to the leaves, and may well benefit from being cut back to allow a fresh crop of new ones to displace the old. After all these particular varieties are grow for their foliage and not the flowers, which are pretty insignificant IMO.

13 Jan, 2011


Thanks for that Bluespruce, good to know its not dead, first time I've grown it, did buy it for the lovely foliage, it seemed to glow,didn't even know it flowered till I got it home and googled it so not bothered about flowers either:-)

13 Jan, 2011

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