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Sweet small pepper plants

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Do I plant sweet small pepper plants out door or indoors?



sweet peppersrequire the same conditions as tomatoes, so where you live would affect the answer if you live in the warm south where tomatoes are grown outdoors they should be ok out, but the further north you are the less likely that they would do well outside. if you are not sure you could hedge your bets by putting some outside and keeping some inside

7 Sep, 2008


It's too late for this year, though!

7 Sep, 2008


Definitely indoors now, Jaynetta. Do you have small plants at the moment? My concern would be the lack of sunlight/daylight as the days shorten. Having said that, I have one sweet pepper plant, sown less than 2 months ago, and just beginning to bud. It will be interesting to see if it reaches fruiting stage. Good Luck.

7 Sep, 2008

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