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New young apple tree

DORSET, United Kingdom Gb

Hello there, I have a new apple tree that I planted at the start of the year. It has been doing well untill now. I have downloaded a photo to let you see the problem. Seems it has some kind of boring maggot? Most of the leaves seem to be catching it. Please advise what if anything I can do or am I going to loose it.....thanks..........Suzanne




I am no expert but i would spray with an insectocide, as the season is autumn i think leaves will fall soon and tree will be dormant through winter. i suspect tthat tree will be fine then, but would spray again in spring when first leaf buds start to form as a precaution. best of luck with it

7 Sep, 2008


I think this may be apple leaf skeletonizer caused by small caterpillars, usually in late summer. Affected leaves should be picked off and burnt (not composted) and the trees sprayed as suggested by islander

7 Sep, 2008

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