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By Lydia

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Foxtail Lily- help!
I have some foxtail lily bulbs (Eremurus) and have still not planted them due to snow (!) I have looked on 3 different websites on how to plant these bulbs as I have never seen anything like them before and all 3 sites seem to say different things. Some sites say that the 'crown' should be left above soil with the wiggly roots underground. But some sites say the whole lot including the crown should be put underground. Has anyone had any experience with these? help!



Hi Lydia....I personally haven't had any experience of these, but Amy on this site does grow them. You maybe could pm her.

6 Jan, 2011


thanks Janey- I just messaged Amy a few minutes ago as i came across her photos of them! Hopefully she can shed some light...

6 Jan, 2011


I have grown them with soe success years ago and I had the crowns just poking above the surface. I had a lot of sand added to the soil they were in. They were also in full sun.

6 Jan, 2011


I have sent you a PM Lydia I hope it helps you :o)

7 Jan, 2011


thank you!

7 Jan, 2011


any advice for me too Amy as I have been given 2 in the autumn.

7 Jan, 2011

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