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By Mickbmw

nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

hope this spell of rain<deluge> as not deterred all you keen gardeners at the moment living in nottingham weather has been bearable so keep the good work up



Yes - I've been thinking about the poor folks in flooded areas yet again. I hope everyone is OK. Just in case you were wondering about us, after our earlier floods, the stream came up and then had time to subside - but it's pouring again, so I'm back on stream-watch!

6 Sep, 2008


Just as bad up here in South west Scotland. Wet, grey, cold and windy. My courgettes are doing very well but the greenhouse is full of green tomatoes that show no signs of ripening and now I've spotted botritus rearing it's head.

6 Sep, 2008


We are in Yorshire and the rain was terrible yest. It certainly has not detered me i love it so much planted veg patch today had to dig an extra patch had so much to plant just hope it all grows ok.

My heart goes out to all at risk we have friends with streams who too do stream watch i hope all is ok Spritz

Judi, Hi, sorry to ask but what is botritus?

6 Sep, 2008


Fifi - it's that grey mould that spreads in a confined space like a greenhouse! Hard to deal with, too.

6 Sep, 2008


weather in most of the UK and Ireland this yr has been awful, think ill just redo the whole garden as a bog garden as that is what it is like at the moment.

7 Sep, 2008


Spritz- Thanks sounds horrid but you learn something new every day on this site.

Irish- I'll join you on that one mind you it made the digging really easy this weekend. We've had some sun to what a treat mixed with rain of course.

8 Sep, 2008

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