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I am not a knowledgeable Gardener, I have three lovely Hydrangeas, but since this dreadful weather the stems have turned black. is there any hope for them this year coming please. glad for any information,
thank you, Phyllis Drew



That'll be damage from the extremely cold temperatures we've had - just leave them alone for now (I assume they're in the ground, not in pots), wait till April, then cut back to where you can see signs of growth.

30 Dec, 2010


You will almost certainly have lost the flowers. The buds for them are formed on the wood grown last year and that has obviously been frosted.

30 Dec, 2010


Unless they're Hydrangea paniculata...

30 Dec, 2010



30 Dec, 2010


And don't make excuses about not being knowledgeable! Teasing. Seriously, not one of us knows it all, and the more you know, you realise the more there is to be discovered. What mattered is that you knew enough to ask! And we all have to do that. Worthy

30 Dec, 2010


I do thank you, Idid not grow up with a garden, so never gathered any knowledge, so I think I may be asking more questions in the future, glad you are there Bye for now, Phyllis

31 Dec, 2010

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