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By Kapalu

I have an Elephant's Ear plant indoors - it's reached the ceiling and I would like to cut it back. Cutting the leaves isn't working. Can I safely cut the stem, will this kill it or will it shoot leaves from further down the stem (the stem is approx 3ft upto the base of the leaves) - thank you for your advice.

Here's a photo of my little monster - thanks Tugbrethil.

P1000923 P1000924



Welcome, Kapalu!
There are several things called Elephant Ears. Do you know the botanical name, or can you post a picture? It would help to know exactly which kind of plant it is.

29 Dec, 2010


Thank you for the warm welcome Tugbrethil. I'm afraid I don't know the botanical name, but I've added a couple of photos to my original question. Leaves can measure 60/70cm long and 40cm wide in summer. It has flowered once in the last 11 years - 2 white lily-like flowers.

30 Dec, 2010


Wow! I don't remember ever seeing an indoor one that big! It is, however, one of the kinds that will stump-sprout, so pruning should be fairly easy. I would leave about a foot of trunk, feed it lightly, and water only when necessary--the lack of leaves will tank your normal watering schedule. If you want to hedge your bet, put the trunk you pruned off so the bottom 6" are immersed in water, preferably with a few chips of activated charcoal. It should grow roots and develop into a new plant. I would also try to get it more light, since lack of light is the main cause of it developing such long leaf stems. Hope this helps!

30 Dec, 2010


Thank you so much Tug. Despite the garden and the veg patch, this plant is my pride and joy and I hope it will be around for a while yet. I'll let you know how we get on. Have a peaceful and happy 2011!

30 Dec, 2010


And to you, Kapalu!

30 Dec, 2010

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