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I have a corner in my living room where there is direct sunlight for 3-4 hours in the morning. I want to know which plant is suitable for such a spot?



Hi Rruchi and welcome to GoY. Your question is a bit of a tall order! Most of us live in the UK or the US and I personally would not have a clue what to suggest you grow indoors in Hong Kong. I do remember when we visited our son 17+ years ago that the air conditioning made the indoor temps pretty cool! Might be best to check with a local garden centre or, failing that, a florists.

29 Dec, 2010


Why dont you try : Philodendron : Schefflera : Epipremnum : or Areca/Parlour Palm. All fairly easy to keep without much fuss. Good luck.

29 Dec, 2010


The most sun tolerant indoor plants are varieties of Ficus. Other possibilities are Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii), Dracaena marginata, species of succulent Euphorbias--such as E. ingens--and varieties and hybrids of Philodendron selloum. Most other species of Philodendron can't take much if any direct sun. Grandmage is right about the Scheffleras, too.

There are sure to be others-I've got to find my houseplant book, to jog my memory!

29 Dec, 2010

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