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By Stevecj

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi There, I intend to put in some strawberry plants in the spring, however they are in a part of teh garden which only gets sun for a few hours a day. Is their a strain of plant which works well in shadier areas?

Thank you
Steve J



Hi Steve in my experience strawberries need a lot of sun simply to ripen properly.

28 Dec, 2010


Our strawberries this year were an experiment and we planted six to start with, they are in partial shade with only sun in the late afternoon and they were amazing, we now have another eighteen plants which we grew from the runners of the originals and we are hoping for a bumper crop next year. The only drawback is they will need plenty of water if the summer is dry! ps. we got our plants from b&q and they were corkers.

28 Dec, 2010

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