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identify this plant

Philippines Ph

somebody gave this plant and said it's a herbal med for diabetes? But she also do not know the name of this plant.
Descriptions: smells like a guava leaf, alternate leaf nodes, netted veins, bladed leaf, stem with alternate dark red lines, texture smooth. Please identify. Thank you.




I dont know what it is, sorry, but although I can appreciate the benefits of treating minor ailments with natural herbs etc I would be VERY careful about treating something like Diabetes with a plant, Alice.

5 Sep, 2008


Hi Alice - I have to agree with Spritz - great care required! I did a bit of research and came up with (with thanks to Mr Google) which may be of help - I couldn't see anything which looked very much like your plant but I didn't pursue all the references so you never know . . .

5 Sep, 2008

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