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Hi All
I have been looking at Ipomoea and wondered if I am right in thinking that some can be grown as annuals in the uk or pot grown cut back and brought indoors for the winter I have just recieved some seeds from this supplier in the states and they are very cheap and they also sent me some free gift seeds

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They certainly can be grown as annuals here in the UK.
In dry weather water well and you should be successful.
I found that growing in pots in the greenhouse, or indoors on a windowsill, before transplanting out, deterred the ever present slug threat to young seedlings!

24 Dec, 2010


I suspect they'd do better outside in the ground rather than in pots, unless the pots are very large (2 feet deep by 12 inches wide minimum). You could try overwintering them by digging them up, potting and remove the topgrowth, never tried it so don't know if it works, but bear in mind that not all Ipomea are herbaceous perennials, even out of this country, so it depends on the variety whether its worth trying to overwinter them.

30 Dec, 2010

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