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Relaying new turf?


By Jenroux

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Would it be ok to lift new turf (laid about a month ago) to relevel the soil? The gardener who did the job has left the country and refuses to come back to repair his work.



Oh dear - what a pain for you! I would try watering it thoroughly then trying to cut it back up with a sharp spade and re-rolling it as it came. Then level the soil and re-lay the turf. It shouldn't have got its roots very far down as yet, I would have thought, so you have a chance of survival. Good luck! (I guess you'd paid this fly-by-night person?)

4 Sep, 2008


Thanks for the prompt reply and advice Spritzhenry!

I'll try lifting it after the rain that we have at the moment.

Yes I paid him :-( I'm far too trusting and its an unfortunate situation but it will be the last time I'm trusting any workman. His company seemed legit and was listed in the Golocal guide but I guess any charlatan could advertise there.

Thanks again!

4 Sep, 2008

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