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By Juanito

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Hi, we have bamboo growing all over our garden lawn which came from our neighbours. They have recently cut it all, but I believe the roots are still growing, think this is the creeping type. What can I do to kill the bamboo? is there any type of bamboo killer which wont kill my grass too? or do I have to dig it all up, thusruining my lawn? Are there any laws which prohibit the planting of bamboo in residential areas? Your advice or comments are very welcome. Thanks.

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hi Juanito
some bamboos are realy good at running everywhere. others are much better behaved. sorry but the only answer is digging it out. you will also have to try and stop it by digging a trench and linning it with strong plastic, the sronger the better.
good luck!

3 Sep, 2008


This is a difficult one. You could try mixing Round-up weed killer with wallpaper paste and painting it on to each shoot. The paste helps the weedkiller to stay where you put it so it doesn't drip onto the lawn. No - there are no laws about planting Bamboo as far as I'm aware! Good luck - I hope it works.

3 Sep, 2008


Roundup will kill it if applied to young growth, so cut them down and then when new leaves have developed paint them with it, You could try it now for they will have to wait some time before growing again and that will help to weaken them. Digging is good exercise, saves going to the Gym. Best wishes.

3 Sep, 2008

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