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Blue Sailor


By Katy

England Eng

I went to a wedding and came across this plant were I was staying was given some seeds and they have grown but I cannot fin much info on them and I am at a loss to understand why Ihave never seen them in any garden and they are so pretty at this time of year is there a problem with them?
Would appreciate any hints.

On plant Cichorium intybus



I have only ever come across one plant for sale. I planted it in one of the gardens I worked in and some helpful soul pulled it up because he thought it was a dandelion. I think those are two reasons that you do not see these beautiful plants grown more often and now you have reminded me I am going to try and find a plant again! :)

3 Sep, 2008


I just looked it up and it's Chicory! You can grow it from seed in the autumn or spring. It's hardy but take care as the plant can irritate your skin.

3 Sep, 2008

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