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Weed killer


By Woodlea

United Kingdom Gb

I am reclaiming an area of garden of about10 square meters from which I have removed hedging e.g escallonia. It has revealed a matted undergrowth of ivy etc.and of course the hedge roots. I want to clear the area and put it to lawn.
What weed killer can I use to clear the undergrowth which will not kill the new turf which I intend to put down.?
Should I turf in the autumn or wait until Spring @

Thank you,

Bernard Lelliott West Sussex



Hello Bernard,
My first thoughts are for you to continue digging out the roots of the Escallonia and Ivy as it's only 10sq. metres.
As you ask for a weedkiller to kill the roots, I would recommend using S.B.K.
Leave the weedkiller to work for 6 weeks.
Dig over the area, leaving it rough.
Fork over to a fine tilth after Christmas.
Rake down, cleaning out any old roots and stones.
Lay turf as soon as the weather permits.
Good Luck,
Doctor Bob.

3 Sep, 2008


If you were able to dig out the roots and prepare the soil, autumn is an excellent time to lay turf. You couldn't use weedkiller before you lay it, though. It would be hard work - but you'd get your lawn established this year!

3 Sep, 2008

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