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butterfly lavendar

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my Butterfly lavendar is in large pots, but has dried up, pls advise on how to revive



Was this due to under-watering? I would water it, cut back this year's growth and keep my fingers crossed for signs of new growth. You might be able to take cuttings if this happens but I don't think that the bushes will revive fully.

3 Sep, 2008


Thanks Spritzhenry I will try it and see what happens.
Erm yes I think it may be due to lack of watering....I may try to make one of those contraptions out of a bottle of water...which slowly waters your plants for you.....
Can I ask another question ....
what would happen if I transferred them to the garden?
Oh and also whats the best way to maintain them? ...If I but new ones?

3 Sep, 2008

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