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Pennsylvania, United States Us

i purchased a beauty bush this fall,and decided to keep it indoors till spring now it is losing its leaves is this normal i liveinpennsylvania do they grow fast? what about watering and sunlight?

On plant Kolkwitzia amabilis



mine is quite a big shrub in the garden and loses its leaves my advice would be to keep it as cool as possible but frost free as its in a pot and the roots could be damaged

8 Dec, 2010


Very hardy shrub, so quite alright outside, really, but it might get a shock if you put it out now! I've just managed some planting, several shrubs in pots, so I know it was slightly (I say that that relatively speaking) less cold. My kolkwtzia's a comfortable 8-9ft tall, and almost as wide, so bear that in mind when you plant it out. Prune out the flowered growth after it's done, to allow the vigorous new shoots to replace the older stuff. Three years ago I cut mine to the floor, within a few inches. It grew back rapidly, and flowered the second year, and was a magnificent 6ft performance this year (two seasons later). Worthy

8 Dec, 2010


It would depend on where in the US you are Bubb. Beauty Bush is hardy to zone 5 I think but if it's still in the pot then I wouldn't put it outside unless you are in zone 7 or above. Losing it's leaves is normal for the time of year. If you have an attached unheated garage or somewhere which is cool (around 40F) but frost free then I would store it there. Water it only when it is dry to at least 1" depth in the pot as it is dormant and will rot if it is too wet.

8 Dec, 2010


thank you very much for the advice

9 Dec, 2010

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