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Angels Trumpets


By Walrus

Manchester area, United Kingdom

Hi all GOYers.
I very good friend and neightbour of ours has Angels Trumpets in her garden. She want's to bring them indoors when winter arrives. Does she cut the plants down after flowering and then store indoors or does she just leave them alone to do their own thing?



You can do it either way. Brugmansia will shoot from dormant buds so you can cut it back to 2ft or less. :)

2 Sep, 2008


I too am growing Angel's trumpets(for the last two years. They have not flowered yet at all. The best advice I have recieved is to wait until the weather chills and allow them to die back - then keep frost free with a little water if they really dry out. Cut back any dead branches and then wait for the plant to re-shoot in spring. Bring it back outside in May.

By the way - beware as this plant and its flowers are poisonous.

2 Sep, 2008

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