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MOVING AN ESTABLISHED RED ROBIN? Our daughter has offered us her 5ft Photinia as it is too large for her garden and she is fed up with pruning neigbour has taken down a large Holly tree... sigh!! and left us very exposed, not a good move!! is it possible to move a shrub this big and if possible, when would be a good time to do it?



Well, Dd. As you know, anything's possible. This sounds like rather a risk to me, though - if she's been pruning it, you can't tell how big the rootball will be.

The normal advice is to move evergreens in early spring, and as the forecast is so nasty, I'd say wait. Then get organised, preparing the hole first, then digging a trench round outside where you think the roots might extend, and getting your forks in underneath - with a sack or piece of tarpaulin ready to wrap the rootball in..but I'm sure you know all this!

I still think it's a risk - over to you. &:-Z

25 Nov, 2010


Thanks Barbara for your helpful advice....... as the weather is going to be bad, I think it would be better to wait, the problem is.....we need something large to cover this massive gap, it needs to be evergreen and fast growing, we were going to buy a standard Photinia, but, even then, it still would not grow in time for next years opening, going back to moving the Photinia, I am hoping the root ball will not be too large she has clay soil? such a shame as this part of the garden was so lovely, it is our little woodland area, so it needs something tough and will grow in any type of you see our dilemma?

25 Nov, 2010


I do indeed. Is this a crazy idea - get a temporary shrub in there, like a laurel - Prunus lusitanica -which wouldn't cost a lot and grows fast...then if you still want to give the Photinia a try, you could, but later.

Clay soil - even more difficult to move, I'd have thought.

25 Nov, 2010


That is a thought, I do have a Eucalyptus tree which could be moved if needs be? I don't think the Laurel would grow fast enough, we open the end of May lol!!

25 Nov, 2010


You'd be surprised! LOL. Anyway - Eucalyptus definitely grows fast. Good thinking! :-)))

26 Nov, 2010


Funnily enough we do have a Laurel, but we moved it to cover where an evergreen Ceanothus is dieing (very slowly), I do hate being overlooked, an obsession with me, silly I know, but, there you are.

26 Nov, 2010


Why is that silly? I agree with you. More thinking required, unless you can move the Eucalyptus!

26 Nov, 2010


Barbara it has only been in it's current position about a year, so this will be it's third move!! third time lucky?

26 Nov, 2010


Could be - is this your new invention, Dd - a moveable tree? You'll make a fortune selling the patent! LOL.

27 Nov, 2010


Now that is a good idea Barbara.......I am going to pm you later.

28 Nov, 2010



29 Nov, 2010

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