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Rough ground (very!)

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Hello gardeners - I have one third acre of ground covered in bramble, weeds, tree stumps and two or three small unwanted trees. It is partly shaded by leylandii. We don't need to use it and it is out of sight for everyone except one lot of neighbours. What can I do with it that will not cost a lot and will be easy to maintain?



see if any of the neighbours would like to take it on as a veg rent , but they will clear it ,and you may even get some produce as a thank you!!

1 Sep, 2008


Thank you, Steve. I have already made one or two inquiries with no success but will continue to ask around the village and maybe advertise it locally.

1 Sep, 2008


Yes do! My brother was able to work a bit of 'waste' land near his house and grew all sorts of veggies. Sadly for him, the land was eventually sold and a mini-supermarket put on it, but it was good while is lasted! I'm sure someone would love to make use of the land :-)

1 Sep, 2008


Provided the Neighbours don't mind it you could think of it as a Wild Life Sanctuary. Watching to see how as the time passes the dominant vegetation changes and consider yourself an Ecologist. Farmers have been paid to let some of their unused land become 'Set aside' in an attempt to restore our vanishing wild life.. I know I'm a Nut Case.

1 Sep, 2008


I think it has been a wildlife sanctuary for the past thirty years! But this is a nice idea and one well worth chewing over. Thank you, Poaannua.

2 Sep, 2008

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