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Can anyone identify this plant for me?


By Cichlid

United Kingdom Gb

Can't remember the name. It's been a bit neglected - not sure if the flower parts are supposed to be red... or the whitish-green that they are now. The leaves and flowers are waxy.

Would like to know what it is so i can look after it properly!





It's a Flamingo Flower (Anthurium andraeanum) and yes, the greyish parts should be bright red with a white-ish sticky-out bit! Do you need any other information?

31 Aug, 2008


It looks like what you have may be a pink flowered variety. The flower on the right facing left (with the brown stem) is past its prime but it looks like a couple of small ones are coming out on the left side. (mostly green so far) they will change color as they get taller. The more indirect light it gets the deeper in color the flowers should be.

1 Sep, 2008

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