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Identify this tree/shrub


By Sefton

United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone identify this tree or shrub. It has just started flowering now with lovely pinky purple flowers. The leaves are rather oak like. The whole tree/shrub is about 6 feet tall now. Here is a picture of the flowers. I want to move it but don't know how big it is likely to get - it seemed to have turned up in our garden some years ago and grown to overtake the border it landed in.




Looks like a hibiscus

31 Aug, 2008


Thanks for the hibiscus suggestion I think that is what it may be. It is too big for its present position. How is it likely to react if I cut it back hard?

31 Aug, 2008


If it a strong well grown Hibiscus it will take pruning.I think it is Hibiscus by the way.

31 Aug, 2008


I agree. From the colour of the flower, it's probably Hibiscus syriacus 'Woodbridge'.

31 Aug, 2008


Any cutting back should be done in early spring. But it will only grow back to the same size again - may be better to attempt to move it (just after leaf fall is probably the best time) and reduce the top growth in spring as it starts to shoot

31 Aug, 2008


Thanks for the identification and the advice on pruning and moving. I never realised I could get such information so quickly!

31 Aug, 2008

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