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Do chickens kill Leylandii?

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We have 8 chickens in an outdoor run bordering on our neighbours property. There is an 18 inch steel sheet sunk into the ground all around the run to deter foxes digging. Our neighbours hedge has started to turn brown along and beyond the extent of the run. Could the ammonia from the chickens waste be killing the hedge?!



I have chickens in my garden also, unfortunatly I can't answer your question about the ammonia, however I think it's highly unlikely, they would want to be producing some amount of waster for it to have that kind of effect and from my own experience they haven't effected any of the plants in my garden not even the grass, which would be subject to most of their waste.

Anyway let me know if you figure it out, thanks,


31 Aug, 2008


When you inserted the steel sheet, did you cut through the roots of the hedge? If the steel sheet is close to the hedge, then that would defo not be good for the hedge.... (Had to have a chuckle at the title to your question, BTW! x-D)

31 Aug, 2008

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