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By Auldyin

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me how to get my conifers (ley) to grow right to the ground, they have been there at least 5yrs and I keep them topped at about 10 - 12 ft thankyou for any responses



If you mean Leylandi, I'm afraid they do tend to develop a bare stem at the base as they get older, it's the nature of the plant.

6 Nov, 2010


You can get them to stay fuller at the base by cutting them so they are narrower at the top than at the bottom, rather than just straight topping them, but that's a prevention. To the best of my knowledge, once they go bare, there is no cure.

6 Nov, 2010


Agreed. There are few things which will grow close to a leylandi but I'm told Eunymus emerald Gaiety or emerald Gold will cope in the dry shade and you could use this slow growing shrub to cover the bare patches at the bottom of the leylandi

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7 Nov, 2010

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